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about critical defence

Critical Defence is a leading provider of security assurance, response, compliance, training and intelligence services. The firm operates within the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Critical Defence partners with organizations, institutions and governments to protect critical electronic computing infrastructure. Critical Defence solutions provide a structured framework in which compensating controls and measured response are key elements.

Network computing environments continue to be placed under pressure from malicious users and well crafted attacks. These increasingly pervasive attacks place organizations under ongoing pressure to protect mission critical applications and connected infrastructures. While yesterday’s attacks were network centric and aimed at disabling the infrastructure, attackers have now aimed their sights on applications and the sensitive data stored within them.

Critical Defence’s mission is to secure our clients’ digital information assets. Our proven methods and technologies are key components of an effective risk management strategy. Our forensic identification and investigation solutions ensure that incidents and events are addressed with a coordinated, effective and comprehensive response.

It is the goal of our company and its employees to develop long-term trusted partnerships with our clients. We are executing our vision through the delivery of effective solutions that consistently exceed customer expectations and requirements. Our company and personnel are uniquely positioned to anticipate and understand the ever-evolving cybersecurity threat landscape.

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Session hijacking through cookie manipulation leading to theft of funds, proprietary information compromise, credit card theft and the like has become commonplace. Exploitation of poorly written code to gain access to systems and the data which they house is on the rise. There are many examples of compromise within large, high-profile brands making headlines. However, the fact is many organizations that have been compromised and do not even realize it. The majority of compromised organizations remain hacked for extended periods of time prior to discovering that successful exploitation has already taken place.

Extended compromises ultimately lead to a very costly and difficult situation for the business to recover from. Many such electronic crimes go unreported and therefore the true extent of exploitation is largely masked from the general public. Legislation now requires the reporting of such events in most cases. In some instances both civil and criminal charges can be filed for improper notifications.

Critical Defence provides comprehensive solutions to secure critical information assets. Our solutions enable organizations to effectively plan for and respond to security threats. Our company believes that an organization must identify its risk, measure the risk’s potential impact and build commensurate controls to mitigate each risk. While this appears to be a logical approach to security, many organizations do not follow such processes. Many times an organization determines the value of its key assets only after the organization has been breached.

Through its structured cybersecurity programs, Critical Defence enables its customers to keep pace with the latest threats. Our firm’s solutions establish a baseline which aligns risk reduction and corporate spend. Our solutions are comprehensive and focus on planning, testing, compliance, response and training. Our team is comprised of industry certified experts who maintain significant real world experience securing digital infrastructure.

Our organization is results driven. Whether responding to an incident, conducting a forensic investigation, delivering a security assessment or compliance program, our team strives to provide measurable business results and always meets or exceeds our client’s expectations.

All of Critical Defence’s services are accompanied by meaningful guarantees of satisfaction that provide continual assurance that your organization is receiving the “world-class” level of service that it deserves.

Critical Defence, an exceptional choice and a trusted provider.