Our Solutions

Critical Defence enables organizations, institutions and governments to confidently and securely conduct electronic business. Critical Defence solutions provide a structured framework in which compensating controls and measured response are key elements. Critical Defence’s Information Security Assurance Team combines knowledge and experience that complements your organization’s in-house security resources. Critical Defence can assist your team in planning and implementing security projects without compromise.

Critical Defence services include:


  • Information Security Awareness Training
  • Executive Level Briefings
  • Role Specific Training
  • Legal and Regulatory Specific Training
  • Tabletop Incident & Event Gaming Scenario Exercises


  • Cyber Forensics
  • Incident Response and Forensics Investigations


  • Network Security:
    • Vulnerability Assessments
    • Penetration Tests; and
    • Red Team Studies
  • Software Development Lifecycle Security
    • Web Application Security Testing
    • Mobile Application Security Testing; and
    • Source Code Reviews.
  • Social Engineering Studies
    • Phishing;
    • SMS;
    • IM;
    • Social Media
    • USB Drops
    • USPS; and
    • Robocalls
    • Pretext Calls
  • Secure Configuration Reviews
  • Security Policy Consulting
  • Information Security Policies and Procedures
  • Incident Response and Crisis Management Planning
  • Residential Network Surveys & Security Reviews
  • Network Architecture Reviews
  • Wireless Infrastructure Surveys & Security Audits
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP) Security Assurance
  • Network Traffic Analysis & Integrity Testing
  • Survivability Testing
  • Fractional Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Services
  • Secure Mobile Computing
  • Technical Surveillance Counter-Measure (TSCM) Sweeps
  • Malicious Insider Threat Cybersecurity Assessment
  • Information Security Road-Map Design
  • SCADA System / Command and Control Security Assessments


  • Legal and Regulatory Gap Analysis and Readiness Programs
  • Cybersecurity and Controls Framework Benchmarking
  • Vendor Governance Programs
  • Third Party Vendor Audits
  • Secure Cloud Strategy and Governance


  • Open Source Intelligence Investigations
  • Social Media Investigations and Monitoring
  • Online Reputation Optimization (ORO)