• Legal and Regulatory Gap Analysis and Readiness Programs

    Gap analysis, framework benchmarking and readiness studies of various legal and regulatory mandates including GDPR, HIPAA, SEC, NYSDFS, OCC, SOX, FDIC, FFIEC, NIST, AGA, NERC CIP, PCI, ISO and others.

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  • Vendor Governance Programs

    Consulting programs that help our clients to internalize third party partner and vendor management. The idea behind the program is that an organization is only as secure as the security posture of its weakest partner that has access to its data. Our firm also provides turnkey third party vendor audit solutions that may be adopted and implemented quickly.

  • Third Party Vendor Audits

    Comprehensive third party partner audits that help organizations to identify deficiencies that exist in the security controls of business partners that have access to their data. We also help organizations to internalize these processes.

  • Secure Cloud Strategy and Governance

    Our firm works collaboratively with customers to develop effective cloud strategies that are customized specifically for each client’s unique requirements. Our cloud strategy and governance programs provide articulate road maps and implementation plans that enable clients to effectively move infrastructure to and operate from within the cloud. The plans consider and ultimately govern which technologies, processes and security controls will be required to protect each customer, their personnel, clients, facilities, and data while operating from within the cloud. Tasks delivered during these programs typically include stakeholder interviews, analysis of existing cloud services provider proposals, agreements, marketing, support and various technical documents, reports and policies.

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