Cloud Strategy

Businesses and institutions from all sectors and of varying sizes are racing to migrate IT infrastructure to third-party cloud solution platforms. Operating in the cloud eliminates the need to maintain datacenters, it reduces the need to manage hardware, software and the numerous updates that they require. Migrating to the cloud enables innovation and also transfers numerous responsibilities including the management of security from your organization to the cloud provider.

The cloud is a very compelling proposition, yet migrating to the cloud is a sophisticated process as networks, applications, systems and data are utilized daily by many different users. Poor planning, vendor selection, services implementation and a myriad of other issues can quickly create adverse material impacts for your organization, its personnel and the valued customers that do business with it. Planning and successfully executing a migration to the cloud is a daunting task.

But what type of cloud solutions should your organization select? What components should be moved first? How should you prioritize the move? How does operating in the cloud affect regulatory compliance, data security and enterprise processes? What does a move to the cloud mean for organizational roles, training, and change management? And, last but certainly not least, how can your organization migrate infrastructure to the cloud without interrupting operations and users?

Critical Defence provides Cloud Strategy advisory solutions that establish effective strategies and goals for cloud migration activity. Our programs define what roles the various stakeholders in the enterprise play; how to prioritize application migration; and how to extend IT governance to include the cloud. Our programs are designed to enable your organization, its personnel and clients to confidently and securely conduct business together in the cloud.

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